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GenTree has been powerful and affordable MLM software since 1988.

Screen capture of the GenTree pay module running commissions.

The first version of GenTree was written to run on MS-Dos and was offered in 1988 by MRX Computers, Inc. In 1992 we offered the IMM ( Invoice Management Module ) and the UPC ( Universal Pay Calculator). The UPC was written to handle Unilevel, Matrix, Binary and Stair Step Breakaway plans. Over the years We have written Australian Two Up, coded bonus plans and many others as custom plans.

The current version of GenTree has web components and Windows componennts. Replicating websites and Distributor backrooms run on the web, while the pay calculator, distributor maintenance and company administrative functions run locally on GenTree.

Both the web components and the windows components access online data stored in Sql Server files. The replicating web site includes distributor and customer signups, shopping carts, distributor backrooms and a page personalized for each distributor.

We continue to evolve GenTree as computer technology advances and trends in the MLM market place change. Please contact us to answer any questions, or request more information.


Replicating Web Sites, Pay Calculator and Administration Products For MLM.

GenTree has a web component and a windows component. The web component includes the corporate web site, which is also a replicating web site. The web site includes company information, product information shopping carts, distributor backrooms and signup forms for both customers and distributors. The corporate site is personalized for each distributor.

Prior to the internet and replicating websites, data entry of new distibutors was done manually in GenTree, from applications that were sent to the home office. The internet spawned replicating web sites, which lend themselves very well to building a downline.

Each distributor creates a unique username when they enroll. The username becomes a part of the url for the site. For example, if your web site is at http://yourdomain.com, the replicated web site for a distributor is, http://username.yourdomain.com.

Distributors promote their replicated site at, http://username.yourdomain.com, to their friends and associates. When someone enrolls off of their site, they go on their first level in a unilevel plan, or they are placed according to the rules you establish in binary and matrix plans.

Distributors create a login as a part of their enrollment. The login gives them access to their backroom, distributor shopping and other features available only to distributors.

The windows part of GenTree includes the pay calulator, distributor maintenance, product maintenance and various other administrative capabilities. Below is a screen capture of the GenTree distributor maintenance screen.

The distributor maintenance screen has utilities for complete maintenance of distributors including, distributor lookup, downline, upline and much more.

GenTree distributor maintenance screen

GenTree also includes srceens for order and product maintenance, configuring data entry, configuring the pay plan, setting commission rates and pay titles.